Maiden Post

Well, I’ve accomplished my modest objective in setting this up. It was a snap.

I have invited you to be authors, I assume that by clicking within the email you will be led through the process of creating your account. You will be able to create posts as well as comment in response to others.

Welcome aboard the good ship Movierex.

Here are some titles that came up the other night, and one that didn’t.

French titles:

Jean De Florette (and its sequel, Manon of the Spring). I actually could lend these out, if anyone has trouble getting them.

Cache. It turns out I DID see this several years back. I enjoyed it, but can’t say I remember it that well (obviously).

Un Coeur En Hiver. Typically boy meets girl, they don’t like each other, then presto, they fall in love. This movie is different, because the boy (man, Auteil) just doesn’t respond. I found it fascinating. (Unfortunately my Netflix search came up empty. Shouldn’t they at least say, this is a title we don’t carry? I guess if they don’t have it, it doesn’t exist. Ah, the horror…the arrogance.)

Continuing in this vein, I should mention Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud. It stars Emmanuelle Beart, the former Mrs. Auteil, who is in all of the above movies along with him (except she is not in Cache). This is about a woman who has been tossed aside by her husband and seeks the counsel of a wise, older gentleman friend. I have an amusing anecdote regarding my viewing of this one. I was watching it with my mother and two other eighty-somethings. At one point in the movie, the older gentleman accedes to the woman’s request to spend the night in his spare bedroom. After she goes to sleep, he opens the door and goes in. One of my fellow  viewers, a female, exclaimed, with a gloomy foreboding, Oh, no… they’re going to make love! (not my mother, but it could have been). If this was a Hollywood production, perhaps the prediction would have borne fruit. But no, this is a French movie, the fellow just took a moment to gaze upon ‘ol Emmanuelle in peaceful sleep. The room breathed a sigh of relief, myself included.